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The People's Postcard

Send us what you think will make a great postcard!

We would love to see your photos, drawings, paintings and graphics etc. of the local area. You may even have heartfelt sayings or verse that you think would look good as a design. If your submission is successful it will feature on one of 36 postcards to be sold at The Bale House Visitor Centre in Hastings. We will also gift you 50 of your own postcards to share and sell.

Here are a few suggestions of places to inspire you; Bexhill, Rye, Eastbourne, Battle, Hastings, Pevensey, and Bodiam.

Postcard Front side.jpg

Postcard Front.

We would appreciate that you send your favourite only.

Photos should be at least 1MB in size but we recommend sending bigger if you can.

People's Postcard Back.jpg

Postcard Back.

Add the text details you want to appear in the form below.

Send your image/details here
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Thanks for submitting your images!

If you have a query or trouble uploading the image, please contact us via Facebook, Instagram, email or just give us a call on 01424 420919 during office hours!


By Submitting the details in this form you are giving us permission to use your information on the postcards. Your contact details will only be used to inform you of the selection results. The copyright of the image remains with the contributor and the image will only be used for the TPP project. We value your privacy and rights. Please see our policy for more detailed information.

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